Want to change your tires?

Installing rims and tires only takes minutes. However, if you want to have a pleasant ride, then you should make sure that the rims and tires are installed correctly. We can help you remove old tires, mount and seal new tires as well as inflate and balance tires. Tire mounting is the process of replacing your old tires with new ones. This should be done with the use of highly specialized equipment.

At Audio Techniks, we use the best and the latest equipment in order to do the job right. You can only have a smooth ride if your tires are balanced. Our technicians will make sure that the weight is equally distributed. If your tires are not well-balanced, then it will be worn out unevenly. It is important that you should get them rotated at least twice a year, so they can wear more evenly. This can also help you maintain traction and balanced handling.

Want to change your tires? No need to worry, our trained experts will make sure that they are mounted perfectly. Worn tires can be very dangerous. You will be having trouble controlling, braking and driving them. That is why it is advisable that you should check your tires more often. Our professional technicians can replace them when needed.

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